Sunday, March 3, 2013

Here's to New Chapters

I am still a little sore from yesterday. It seems my body doesn't bounce back quite as quick as it did twenty years ago :)
I am active in the "big brothers" program and my "little" Chase and I have been hanging out together for almost seven years now. Yesterday he came out to help me get my raised beds ready for the year.
I started by getting a yard of topsoil from my local nursery.
I am fortunate to have such a nice nursery only a couple miles away.
My truck and I are the same age until April--47 and still going strong. Well, the trucks still going strong :)

Last year I put in almost straight composted horse manure. This year I realized I needed more topsoil so I added only dirt to my beds and pots.
I mixed the dirt with the compost as I went. It was pretty laborious but  I was very happy to get these beds ready for spring.
I also got my blueberry bushes trimmed up as well as trimming and re-tying my espalier apple tree. I also have a new addition, my two Chippewa blueberries had some issues last year. They produced tons of berries but many of them fell off early. I purchased a different type of blueberry this year in hopes of cross-pollinating them for better results.
My three Blueberries all trimmed up and ready for spring!

I have a small bed ready for some raspberries and Chase's mom told me she had plenty of raspberry canes to share so I was pretty happy about that.
We were very fortunate the rain held off just long enough for us to finish the beds and pots and put the cat deterrent chicken wire back over the beds before the first drops started falling. Then it was off to lunch and a trip to the local swap meet where Chase found a glass dome that looked like an old Victorian cloche for his mom for $5.
 We finished our day by stopping at the feed store and picking up some seed potatoes to start chitting on the windowsills. This year I am planting all of my potatoes in large black nursery pots. It just isn't as much fun as it used to be to dig those potatoes out of the ground. I have a few of these pots but it is time to hit up Craigslist and find some more.
I'm going to have two rows of four of these potato pots here.

Spring is coming up fast and I feel like I'm already behind! I need to get my peas in the ground tomorrow and my potatoes in as soon as they start to show some eyes. I have got a few starts under lights in my garage. I have cabbage, brussel sprouts, kale, lettuce and some cherry tomatoes started. I could also sew some spinach, carrots and onions too.
I also got my worm bin ready for my delivery next week. I am trying out some of the European Night-crawlers this time. I did order 5lbs. of Vermi-compost as well to make some tea. It ships Monday and they are only about 100 miles away so hopefully I will get it soon.
I guess I need to get back out there but at least I got the real hard stuff done!
Ready for planting!
Right as the light is fading an overall shot.

The Spring always represents a new chapter in our lives but this one is especially dramatic. In less than two weeks our one and only child will be getting married and moving out! She will also be finishing her bachelors degree in June.
With an empty nest the house will definitely have a different feel but I am excited for my daughters new journey as well.
Well the sun has just popped out again time to get outside so I'll see you again soon.

Hey!     Is your garden ready?


  1. Goodness! You certainly got a lot done this weekend! Our daughter has been away to college almost three years now (Pennsylvania) and it was quite some time before we really got used to the empty nest.

    1. Thanks for stopping by Laura! I know it will seem different...and quieter :)