Thursday, January 19, 2012

Save the greenhouse!

Winter came in with a vengeance! Our usually mild Pacific Northwest winter changed very quickly the last few days after 4 days of snow we have nearly a foot of snow. The snow ended with a nice ice storm. Everyone around here is getting cabin fever and looking forward to the warm up this weekend even though it will be a mess.
My main focus this week has been keeping the snow off my greenhouse. It isn't much of a greenhouse but it does the job. I bought it at a local hardware store on sale for $99. I have built a frame on the bottom to hold it down in order to stop it from blowing away. It fits my little yard perfectly. I had to go out every few hours and knock the snow off.The snow is stopping so I think it survived!

My blueberry bushes were also a concern as they were heavy with snow. I kept going out and shaking the snow off them. I wondered if I should have moved them into the greenhouse but they are in very heavy pots.
I think the worst is over though.
My front yard shrubs were really buried.

And the Kale I have in the front for decoration was frozen solid and it will be interesting to see if it survives.

Hopefully the worst is over and we can get back to our "normal" weather of 40 degree rain :) I have some projects and organizing to do in my garage but a 25 degree garage is no fun to work in. What are you doing to keep busy this winter?


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  1. Hey Larry, I am enjoying your blog.. give your family a hug for me (BETH HAVEN) long time no see! As for your big heavy pots with the blue berry bushes, couldnt you put big clear plastic bags over them? Wouldnt that work like the green house walls?

    1. Hi Beth!
      I thought about trying to do some type of plastic cover. Its just that the snow was so heavy I was afraid the snow would crush the plants but I may rig something up next time.....hopefully we won't have another storm as bad as this one again this winter.

  2. You were doing all the right things in removing the snow from the greenhouse and the blueberry bushes - the weight of the snow is the issue and getting it swept off of vulnerable structures and plants is the best solution (when possible!).

    We got about six inches of snow so not quite as much as you guys did. Still it was enough for me until next year. I am ready for the big thaw to finish removing it.

    1. Finally looks like it is melting off. Is it March yet?